The term author derives from the medieval word "auctor" (a cultural authority, usually the monarch). The auctor's "rule was his book and his subjects were compelled to submit their world to the edicts of that book." However, the concept of the author changed with the discovery of "new world." Because there was no cultural authority available, the author himself claimed authority and invented new words to discribe things in the New World. It was at this time tha authors declared their right to be represented on their own terms rather than in the words of the ancient books. Additionally, it was at this time that readers learned how to define themselves in their own terms. Author's began to experience a rise in social prestige. Could this possibly be the inception of literature as "high art?"

Because of authors writing of "alternative worlds" he played a part in creating new laws into existence and their works often resulted in revolution or civil war. However, with the arrival of the "genius" the author's role shifted from producing alternative political worlds to producing cultural alternatives to the world of politics. Meanwhile, the "genius" allowed the seperation of the cultural from the political.

Eventually the literary critic was responsible for setting the differences between what was literary and what was not. This was nicely compared
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