Tonight, we will conduct Introductions, I'll explain a bit about my teaching style and approach to theory, then we will review the Syllabus. Among the things we'll need to decide are how we want to deal with group presentations; there are two theory readings for most classes, there are 12 weeks for discussion questions; so we could have a single group responsible for the whole class, or sub-groups responsible for each reading, and there are 15 students in the class (this may involve math.

I'd like to show you one or two works of digital literature that may challenge some preconceptions about what literature is or how we read it.

Before the break, I would like to make sure everyone can log on to our class wiki -- and play in the sandbox.


Now we'll look at the introduction to our first text Why Theory. How clear and how persuasive are the authors? Does this correspond with your prior experiences or preconceptions about theory? What do you make of the interdisciplinary emphasis?

Groups for next week? (See sample Discussion Questions on Ideology)