Approaches to "culture"
(Framework of culture -- it is defined in terms of some ideas of inclusion and exclusion; it sets boundaries)

1. Culture = "as high art" vs. low art, or lacking in art
  • oil painting, opera, (theater)
traditional humanist
great literature transcends time, place, etc.
1. b Popular culture

2. culture of a people (linked place, National Cultures) who can be known through the art they produce
comparative but still exclusionary

3. culture as the pattern of practices, beliefs, and products of a people
(anthropological sense)
pluralist, relativist

4. multi/ subcultures: People
(ethnicities, class, occupation, )

5. micro-cultures
"computer game culture"
any group.... however defined, and so we would be long to multiple "cultures"

A. culture as the context (values) or background against which things mean.