The concepts of subjectivity and ideology are quite intertwined. Once we begin to think with these tools-- proceeding with the idea that meanings take place in relation to a prior system or context -- then we are working with the idea of things being "culturally constructed."

We can discuss further how persuasive is the account of the "subject" or the pervasiveness of ideology. But it's important to realize that these terms come to be shorthand for some of the most significant ideas adopted by contemporary theory.

(There is an irony here -- does "theory" have an ideology? Is it's commitment to "ideology critique" natural, common sense or itself open to question?)

Let's discuss how thinking with these concepts would effect our reading of a poem, our viewing of a movie, how we might go about interpreting a text, or teaching it...

Let's also discuss the fact that the influence of these ideas about subjectivity and ideology have led some artists and writers to produce works which themselves aspire to practicing a kind of ideology critique. Does this make sense? How would we look at Galatea from this perspective, for instance?


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